Need more space in dating

She say's she still loves me, and i'm welcome to move my stuff into the bed room and she takes the living room. I took off the engagement ring and thrown in away, and started packing.

She then said she's not throwing me out, and i have as long as i want there until i find another place! 2 days it took, till she found some other way of moving me out! I dont know the reason for this, she said it was only space she needed and not a separation, but come on, weeks before Christmas! Next day after i had left, she text me saying i must've take a red towel that belongs to her and she wants it back!

Some people say the guy returned in 2, 3, 6 months to a year. It works that way with women too, although I don't think they ever anticipate it to. If you try to give it other meanings, it will only keep you hoping.

Mine asked for space and, I think, only decided to end it after she met someone else. Leave the person alone and don't contact them or return calls for at least 3 weeks. hi there it unleashed let them do what there doing and in the mean time find some good things you realy want to do and like say by a little note or texet you going on holiday or your going to have a little brake away with a friend but dont say it a guy or a lady keep him think in ?

If he says he needs time or needs a break, odds are he wants to break up and just wants to either figure out how to do it or more likely doesn't want to hurt you too much and so figures it will make it easier by doing it through this let's take a break ****. I recently read an article saying it was important to a happy and healthy relationship. My girlfriend and I have just broken up as a result of unhappiness on her part.

what does i need space/time to figure things out mean? Take it that they have said to you 'I don't want you in my life' try and accept they are gone for good and stick to NC.

Is it almost always code for i want to break up but dont want to hurt you and be so blunt? I hate that despite how much this hurts, they would think they are oding you a fovir by not being honest. I know how hard this is to go through I have been there, you have my sympathy but try and stay strong sometimes it means they just need space and time to figure things out so i would give them space with that space they may figure things out and not want to continue a relationship or with the space they may realize what they have and want to continue aa relaationship and it may be actually be better and more healthy if you end up back together but the worst thing you can do if anyone asks for space is to get clingy call beg plead just go nc dont be to pushy and try to move on I definitely know how you feel.

She has also made it clear that she doesn't know how much time she needs nor what is going to come from this. I want to do whatever I have to in order to support her through this.

But I understand that this is likely something she needs to do on her own.

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