Dating asian girls in vancouver

I do only go for super westernized East Asian ( Vietnamese) guys though, so that could make a difference?

I don't really know what it would be like to try to date guys who identify strongly with their respective Asian culture.

I'm a white girl, and have been trying to date Asian guys in this city for over a year with absolutely zero success.

I never had a problem with this before moving here, but since coming here I've had the longest dry spell of my life, and it's, quite frankly, incredibly depressing.

It's way more common to see Asian women with Caucasian men, opposed to the opposite.

Perhaps it's something about the way you present it (looking for Asian guys only instead of dating guys who happen to be Asian) or something about your online profiles.The problem is it's mainly white guys who message me, which is cool, but not what I'm really looking for at the moment.OK, maybe it's bad luck, or maybe there's something you wrote that is a turnoff to self-respecting Asian guys. I think my advice about getting a male Asian friend to look it over is still valid. All of my male Asian friends complain how white girls are never into them.Do you have any honest male Asian friends who could look over your profiles and tell you if there is anything that puts them off?I get tons of messages on my online profiles, to the point that I cannot even keep up with them.I think having a preference for Koreans is valid, because they mostly share a definable set of values.But to include all Asians, with a vast array of different values (even Hong Kong vs mainland Chinese), it seems like the preference is based on appearance only.Not saying that I would absolutely never, ever, ever date a white guy or a woman, it would just have to be a really spectacular individual and I can't really wrap my head around the thought of it ever happening.Hmm I am a white girl who only likes Asian guys and I always find it super easy in Van, to the point where I get overwhelmed by the amount of propositions coming my way at times (trust me, I know there are worse problems to have in life, just sayin'...).Furthermore, are you more interested in guys who are more culturally Canadian?All my the white female/Asian male couples I know are both pretty culturally Canadian.

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